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“A November Prayer”
There are a number of significant and special events this month that are part of our church calendar. November begins with an important recognition and reminder on All Saints’ Sunday (Nov 1) of the identity that is given to us by Jesus Christ, to be saints in the Kingdom of God. 
The month ends with a beginning – the beginning of the Church year: the first Sunday of Advent on Nov 29. During the week before that, we will celebrate a much-loved holiday, of course, on Nov 26, a holiday that is filled with the tradition of big meals and family gatherings. On the 22nd of the month, we will recognize the authority, rule, and reign of Jesus Christ as the King of kings and the Lord of lords on Christ the King Sunday.

So, with all of that going on this month, here is my prayer for you (and all of us this month):
First of all, I pray that you are encouraged to fully embrace the identity that you’ve been given 
through the forgiveness of your sins; that you are a Saint, made clean and righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is sometimes too easy to hang on to an identity that comes from our failures and things that get us down; but, Christ gives us an identity that is based on His righteousness as we live by faith in him. And so I pray that you would always know the privilege and the gift that is yours through Christ, to be holy and righteous as a child of God.

As we celebrate Christ the King Sunday, I pray that you will have a greater 
awareness of the authority and rule of Jesus Christ, not just in a general way over all of creation, but specifically as the Lord of your life. Christ the King Sunday can be a time to address the question of authority and power in our lives. Sometimes we do what we can to control as much as we can in our lives. It can be hard for us to loosen our grip on the controls. But the more we give the controls into our Lord’s hands, the more we experience God’s peace; God’s shalom. On Christ the King Sunday, we will celebrate the power and authority that Jesus Christ has over all creation, and also, in each of our lives. I pray that Christ the King is the one with ultimate power and authority in your life.
My prayer, furthermore, is that, as we observe Thanksgiving Day, you will be 
overwhelmed with a tremendous awareness of the ways that you are blessed by our gracious Lord a
nd Savior, Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving Day can be simply a day to relax with family, eat a big meal, and other such traditions. But I pray that it would be more than that for you; that it would be a day of focusing upon the multitude of reasons for which we might be grateful. Giving thanks to God is certainly not a once-a-year event, but it is good for us to make it the focus of an entire day and to reflect upon the ways that God gives to us so much for which we can be thankful.
And finally (but never the last of my prayers for you), I pray that as we begin a time called 
Advent, that you will look for ways to prepare for Jesus to bring the kingdom of God into your life. I pray that you will live with an anticipation of what Jesus Christ has in store for you. I pray that God will give to you an ever greater sense of hope of knowing the wonders and blessings that belong to everyone who lives by faith in Jesus Christ. I pray and hope that you will find Advent to be an encouraging time for opening your heart and mind to how and when and where God will make Himself known in your life. 

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Jim Steen

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TEARS OF GRATITUDE AND JOY AS YOU READ THEM! They are so very beautiful!
~ Jesus Christ and His calling me, my husband and home, my children and sisters, my country and medical care, my church family and staff, my friends far and near, God’s word, prayer, food and loyal servants of God everywhere. ~ Connie Matsuda
~ I would like to send my thankfulness to everyone, for praying for me on this long going bone cancer journey. Without all your love and support, I don’t know if I would have survived the last 6 years of chemo. Prayer does make a difference. I do miss being at church. In Christ’s love, Nancy Jellis
~ Thankfulness is having God in my life to help me decide and encourage others to have grateful hearts. Even the fact that I am here. Thanks be to God for everything I have. Health, family, friends, and all the material things, and also the courage to keep on trusting. Thanks Be To God! 1 Corinthians 15:57 But Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ Eleanor Burkman
~ We are grateful for so many blessings to include our sons, daughter-in-law, grandsons and extended family. We are extra blessed to have our lovely church family. We are extra grateful for our health. But most importantly, we are grateful that we have our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We are thankful to be able to serve Him! ~ Claudia and Ron Abraham

~ I am thankful for all those things that 
Covid has made me realize I have been taking for granted. The warmth and safety of my home, good health for me and my family, that stash of fabric scraps that made 200+ masks for family and friends, a full pantry and freezer so that we don’t “have” to go out, a job that is nearby, flexible and mostly fun, and for that large pack of TP from Costco. Life is good! ~ Jane Ellis
~ Thankful to God for my immediate family. Very thankful for my amazing Spirit of Truth Church family, they have been beside me through all my ups and downs in my life. Thankful that Jason made an amazing transition back to his apartment at Lifescape. Thankful that my fight with Covid 19 was mild. Very thankful that Spirit of Truth has been able to go back to worshiping together and we were able to finally receive our new Pastor and his wife! Give thanks with a grateful heart, Give thanks to the Holy One, Give thanks because He has given us Jesus, Christ our Lord! Amen! ~ Alice Jacobson
~ We are thankful for: A safe harvest, our kids and their spouses, our grandkids, Pastor Jim and Colleen, Pastor Jerry and Paula, our church family, great neighbors, one good old dog, the list could go on forever, we are certainly blessed! And I am very thankful for YOU!! You always make me feel so good! ~ Kay/Arny

~ In church last Sunday, I opened my Hymnal, looking for the correct page in the service. Suddenly, the pages flipped over and I was looking at the inside front cover. Here were the words: “Given in memory of Henry Flier”. How many times had I sat in that same seat and used that same hymnal and did not look at the inside cover. Here was God reminding me of the blessing He gave me when He sent this man into my life. Yes, I am thankful for him and the nearly 45 years of marriage we were given, and the family we raised. This happened on All Saints’ Sunday. How appropriate! Thanks be to God!
~ Marcella Flier
~ Thankful for the love of God, family and friends. ~ Pastor Jim
~ We are thankful for the promise of Eternal Life, our family and church family and friends!
~ Jay/Phyllis Lunstra
~ I am thankful for my family, friends and Spirit of Truth. ~ Jeane Wright
~ The Clark family is thankful Tana’s Mom is recovering from Covid-19 after 2 weeks of illness.
~ We’re so thankful for our restored health, this past year has been a bit of a challenge. We’re so blessed with family and friends who took such great care of us along with all the prayers – prayer is so powerful. God is good! We’re also very thankful for Pastor Jim and Colleen; our prayers are with you.
~ Jim/Jane Andersen

~ In 2020, I am thankful for my church family. We started our journey not knowing each other very well, but have become family! ~ Lynne Erickson
~ So very grateful for my entire family(husband, daughters, son-in-law, blood relatives, extended family, friends, Spirit of Truth church family). EVERYTHING God has truly blessed me with! We have so very much to be thankful for! ~ Jeanne Jensen
The Women’s Tuesday morning Bible Study is studying the book of Exodus. Please join us at 9:30 AM, Tuesday mornings at Spirit of Truth Lutheran Church for an interactive study of this interesting book. All are welcome! We are starting back up on Tuesday, Nov 10. 

5TH & 6TH GRADE WEDNESDAYS @ 7-7:30, fellowship with 6-8th grade 7:30-8
No Youth Group November 25 and 29, Happy Thanksgiving!

  Social Distance Movie Night | Nov 22 | All Youth | 7 PM  Thanksgiving themed movie night at the church.

Spirit of Truth church shirts are now for purchase on https://www.bonfire.com/store/spirit-of-truth-lutheran-church/. A portion of the sales will support our youth on their mission trip to Jamaica! There are two Spirit of Truth designs and one youth group design. Each design has multiple colors and products. These will be available for purchase until November 14. Shirts should arrive about two weeks after this date. By ordering on this website, the products will be shipped to you directly. Also, students in grades 6-12 will receive a youth group t-shirt for free, so please send their shirt size to Clarissa. 

Spirit of Truth Lutheran Church | Official Merchandise | Bonfire
 Spirit of Truth Quilters will NOT be meeting in November and there will be NO December Christmas luncheon due to rising numbers of Covid19. Hopefully we can get together in the new year.   

 Thursday, November 12 @ 6:30 PM at the church. September minutes are attached to the Newsletter. There is also a list of the Deacons’ and Teams’ members.

 There will be no Spirit Lifters during November or December. 

 TEXT STUDY: WEDNESDAYS @ 7 AM. We study the Scripture for Sunday. ALL ARE WELCOME!
 There will be no Men’s Bible Study at this time.
Your Mission Team is asking the congregation to step up its efforts in the next two weeks:
Normally at this time of year we would be planning to purchase 40 turkeys to take out to the Feast of Nations and recruiting folks to travel to help serve the meal; however, due to Covid this entire event has been cancelled.  So much has changed so we will be redirecting our funds and energies to these:
**We are focusing on Christmas shoe boxes. Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child has an online option this year, where you can “Build it for me” at a cost of $25. The fee would include the box, contents and shipping fee. Plastic shoe boxes are offered this year as a pack of 12 for $18.00 or the standard cardboard shoe boxes as a pack of 40 for $25. (We still have a few of these at the church). Shipping costs are still $9 each this year.

**An optional “shoe box” program has been presented to us as well. Spirit Lake Nation Shoe Box program in which there are more choices for children’s ages (toddlers for example). You would use your own box and these stay within our 5 state area. More details will be posted on the bulletin board.

We honor those in our church family and friends who have departed.

Sheryl Baete
Missy Barto
Anna Brenden
Rick Hartenhoff
David Krumvieda
Dave Lang
Isabel Onnen
Joe Onnen
Sandy Onnen
Jim Petersen
James Rabenberg
Milo Sandeen
Margaret Scholten
Clazina VanWyhe
Kathleen Viereck
June Webster


SAVE THE DATE!!! Please join us for this year’s FAMILY CHRISTMAS Program titled “The Miracles of Christmas” during the worship service on Sunday, Dec 13. It will be a wonderful time of remembering all the miracles and blessings of our Heavenly Father that continue even today in our world of uncertainty. Jesus’ love and mercy IS the constant! 

Pastor Jim Steen pastorjsteen@gmail.com  605-759-8254
Clarissa Lindstad, Youth Director clarissap582@hotmail.com   605-254-2985 (text or call)
Jeanne Jensen, Financial Secretary spiritoftruthlutheranchurch@gmail.com   605-582-5030
Claudia Abraham, Music Coordinator

“Today I choose JOY!”
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