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Confirmands in Faith

An important event will happen on the last Sunday of this month for five young people in our congregation.  After two years of instruction in confirmation classes, as well as years of Sunday school classes, Sunday morning worship, youth group gatherings, family devotions, personal moments in prayer, and a host of other ways that these youth have embraced their faith in Jesus Christ, Leah Jellis, Max Krumvieda, Mia Nelson, Caden Sprecher, and Sylvia Swenson will be confirming their faith in God during worship on Reformation Sunday, October 25.  Knowing that they were received by the Lord Jesus Christ in the sacrament of baptism, Leah, Max, Mia, Caden, and Sylvia will confirm their trust in Christ and in the grace that Jesus Christ has given to them through the forgiveness of their sin, giving to them the eternal life promised to them in the Holy Scriptures.  Confirming their faith and trust in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, these young people are taking a very important step in their journey of faith, publicly declaring their trust in the promises given to them in God’s Word, acknowledging that God has chosen them and made them His children.
          Confirming the promises that God makes to us in the Bible and declaring our trust in Jesus Christ is something that all of us disciples get to do, not just on a special day once in our life, but each and every day of our lives.  As you witness the confirmation of faith in Christ by Leah, Max, Mia, Caden, and Sylvia, I hope that you will consider ways that you also might take opportunities to confirm your own faith in the Triune God.  I hope that we all will be encouraged to be bold about our faith, acknowledging the grace given to us through our Lord Jesus Christ, sharing with others our awareness of what God has done to save us from our sin and make us to be “children of the Heavenly Father”.
          Sunday, October 25 is not only “Confirmation Sunday” for five young people in our congregation but is also Reformation Sunday.  It is a day to celebrate what Rev. Martin Luther and other “reformers” did to clarify for the Church the promises that we receive from God of grace and mercy, of hope and forgiveness; promises that we can declare to the world – a world that desperately needs to hear about those awesome promises from God. 
          In a day when the world was all messed up (sound familiar?), Martin Luther did not go along with the messed-up ideas of that day; ideas that we earn whatever “favor” we have with God.  Martin Luther (and other “reformers” of his day) helped the Church to see that our “favor” with God comes to us simply by faith, trusting in the promises of eternal life, mercy, grace and forgiveness declared to us in God’s Word.  Those promises are ones that I hope we will always be confident in sharing with one another and not only with our church family of Spirit of Truth, but also with people that are part of our everyday living, wherever we are and whatever we do.

Your Fellow Confirmand in Faith,
Pastor Jim Steen


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Alliance now has Video On Demand if you are subscribers to digital cable TV & have a set top box or DVR connected to the TV. 
You can search for Spirit of Truth worship services for 4 weeks after the date. Instructions are as follows:

1)      On the Alliance remote, hit the “On Demand” button.
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The Women’s Tuesday morning Bible Study is studying the book of Exodus. There is so much that happens in Exodus, one of the central books of the Old Testament. Exodus introduces many of the well known men and women God calls to help Him form a nation that demonstrates His might and love. Please join us at 9:30 AM, Tuesday mornings at Spirit of Truth Lutheran Church for an interactive study of this interesting book. All are welcome!

RAKE ‘N RUN October 18 from 1 – 4 PM. 
Please email the office if you would like to nominate someone.  

We will have the dedication of the quilts during service. Congregation, please help bring quilts to the Education Room after services as the quilters will be packing them to be taken to the truck in Haiti. Thanks to ALL for your help!

A special Deacons’ Meeting was held on Friday, Sept 25. 
They looked over and discussed the growth in COVID numbers in September. From that discussion, they have made the following decisions:
~ Remove some chairs to allow more distance.
~ Encourage mask usage as much as possible regularly.
~ Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the sanctuary in the chairs. 
~ Suspend Intergenerational Sunday School for 2 weeks or until determined by the Deacons.
~ Please wear a mask when singing.
~ Communion process slowed down to allow distancing.

  OCTOBER TITHES ~ YOUR MISSION TEAM The tithe this month will go to White Eagle Academy and Sola Publishing.
The Mission Team will be collecting items for the NALC truck, concentrating on hygiene kits(Bath towels, toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo, deodorant) since they have said they are out of these. Please check the list on the church’s bulletin board. If there are other items listed on their “needs list” you wish to donate (ex. Bibles) please do; we ask that you place these in the storage tub. ALL ITEMS MUST BE AT CHURCH BY OCT 18. Blessings and appreciation to help our fellow citizens in need.

We are going to tour the Center of Hope facility in Sioux Falls on Thursday, October 15 @ 6 PM. Masks are required. We need to know how many will be going. Check your calendars and contact Lynne Erickson or Jeanne by Oct 9 to reserve your spot! What a great opportunity!



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But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on His own;
He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come. ~ John 16:13