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Robin’s Nest Children’s Home (Jamaica)

Spirit of Truth has had an active relationship with Robin’s Nest Children’s Home for many years. Two of our members serve on the board of directors at the Nest and we have had teams of volunteers at least once of year travel to the Nest.

The story begins with an obedient servant’s heart and a love for children. Some of us are called to serve locally while others feel led to serve internationally. And that is exactly what founder, Michelle Robinette, did in 1997 when she went on a mission trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Little did she know the trip would change her life forever. She spent time visiting children at a local orphanage and soon felt led the following year not only to care for hurting children on the island, but desired to start a new place where more kids could call “home”. Provide a safe, loving and Christ-centered environment where each child could grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. To care for the orphans, the hurting, the helpless. Give them hope and show them an unconditional love . . . because He first loved us.
OUR MISSION: We pray that Robin’s Nest Children’s Home will provide a nurturing, loving, safe, Christ-centered atmosphere in which all children will grow at their own speed – physically, mentally, and spiritually – so they may develop their own individual gifts, talents and abilities and become the person who God intended.
OUR VISION: Our Vision is to provide a safe and secure Christian environment for the children God places in our care while providing basic needs, medical care, unconditional love, and education they need to grow. Our goal is to transform hurting children into spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy believers prepared to impact the world around them.


Robin’s Nest